Friday, 27 June 2014

Only one sale on Amazon this month!

It has come to my attention that some people will not buy from Amazon.  No worries, I am glad to sale to you directly, but I sell my book for $16, sometimes with a discount to $15, and unless I can give it to you personally, need to charge $4 for posting.

Amazon ships free if you buy over $35 of qualifying stuff and discounts the online price from $12.99 to $11.68, or thereabouts depending on the day.  They charge $3.99 for shipping if you don't meet the minimum.

The best value is to buy the book issued on Kindle for only $4.99

Meanwhile I did a reading at Larry Hatfield's open studio and several friends liked it enough to buy a copy.  I want my book to bless people and encourage peace building.  Take a look on Amazon and pick up a copy, from Amazon or by contacting me, and share it if it touches you.

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